Advanced Seminar Logistics & SCM

(Prof. Dr. Stefan Minner, Burakhan Sel, Larkin Liu; Kick-off meeting: Mon 25.04.2022 10:00-11:00, Room:  Z538)


The availability of large scale data offers many possibilities to improve logistics and supply chain decisions. The seminar will provide selected data sets from the logistics domain to be analyzed using state-of-the-art data science methods and tools. In the first sessions, an introduction to the required methods and data sets will be given. Each student will then be assigned a single data set to be analyzed.



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Course description

Each course participant has the opportunity to select a dataset/research topic of his or her choice and interest, and then researches relevant literature on this topic in order to write a 15-20 pages seminar paper (that describes the problem and solution approaches).

In the kick-off meeting, we will outline the objectives of the seminar as well as expectations and deadlines. We also highlight what constitutes a good seminar paper, provide writing tips, and present possible topics (including introductory literature). The remaining sessions of the first two weeks will be tutorials for Python/Scikit-learn and other tools.

Each participant will be mentored and individually coached by an advisor of the ››› team.

The seminar paper is to be submitted and presented in July 2022.
Each participant will be assigned as a discussant to another presentation.

Learning objectives

The objective of the seminar is to equip the participants with the necessary skill and tools for a successful master thesis project.

Specifically, the aim is to

  • Read and understand recent research contributions
  • Pursue interesting research questions
  • Conduct a literature study and numerical study and/or implementation
  • Structure and organize research methods and results
  • Write a seminar paper
  • Present research findings and defend them in a discussion  


  • Seminar paper (including presentation and discussion): 100% 

Important dates

  • Kick-off meeting: Mon 25.04.2022 10:00-11:00, Room: tba
  • Python/Scikit-learn Tutorials: Tue 03.05.2022 & 10.05.2022 Hour:tba, Room:tba
  • Submissions and deadlines: 
    • Deadline for project preferences: Tue 26.04.2022 
    • Assignment of the projects to the students: Fri 29.04.2022 
    • Submission of outline and table of contents: Tue 10.05.2022 
    • First results on research question: Tue 07.06.2022 
    • Submission of seminar paper until: Tue 05.07.2022 
    • Final presentations: Thu & Fri  14.07.2022 & 15.07.2022