Transportation Logistics (Bachelor Program)


(Prof. Dr. Stefan Minner & Christoph Kerscher)
Monday 15:00-16:30 & Tuesday 15:00-16:30


Please note that we currently plan to give the lecture on-site / in person, given the development of the pandemic situation. Enrolled students will be timely notified of any changes.

Course description

  •  The course covers the following topics:
    • Transportation problem
    • Traveling salesman problem
    • Vehicle routing problems
    • Arc routing problems
    • Inventory routing and location routing
    • Metaheuristics
    • Hub-spoke and intermodal transportation
    • Shortest path, max flow, spanning trees
    • Route choice
    • Cutting and packing
  • Course material is available on Moodle

Learning objectives

The objective is to get an overview of the modeling techniques, exact as well as heuristic search methods tailored to the different transportation problems studied.


The course consists of a sequence of lectures, exercise classes and case studies. Further, the participants will learn how to model and analyze transportation problems using quantitative methods.


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