Hendrik Schaap


RTWH Aachen University, 52072 Aachen, Germany


E-Mail: hendrik.schaap@om.rwth-aachen.de

Short Biography

Hendrik Schaap is a doctoral candidate at TUM School of Management. During his master’s studies in mathematics, he developed a passion for discrete optimization. In his master thesis, he worked on solving a practical problem for scheduling highway reconstruction activities via Integer Linear Programming. Since 2016, Hendrik works as a research assistant at the Chair of Operations Management at RWTH Aachen University. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Maximilian Schiffer and Prof. Dr. Grit Walther, Hendrik’s research focuses on logistic networks with multiple time windows and their application to attended home deliveries.

Hendrik enjoys all kind of sportive activities, especially if any kind of ball is required to play. If there is more time to spare, Hendrik likes to craft and create, whether the result is wooden furniture, technical gadgets, food, or even beer.

Research Interests

  • vehicle routing
  • multiple time windows
  • attended home delivery
  • discrete optimization