Presentation at the TSL Conference 2023

Last week, we presented our latest research at the 2023 INFORMS Transportation and Logistics Society Second Triennial Conference hosted at Loyola University Chicago.

  • Coppola, A., Hiermann, G., Paccagnan. D. & Schiffer, M.: Staggered Routing in Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems
  • Enders, T., Harrison, J., Pavone, M. & Schiffer, M.: Hybrid Multi-agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Mobility on Demand Systems
  • Jungel, K., Baty, L., Klein, P., Parmentier, A. & Schiffer, M.: Machine Learning based Combinatorial Optimization to solve the dynamic VRPTW
  • Lienkamp, B., Hewitt. M. & Schiffer, M.: A Branch-and-Price approach for the Stochastic Selective TSP with Generalized Latency
  • Serrano, B.,  Florio, A., Minner, S., Schiffer, M. & Vidal, T.: Data-driven Approaches for the Feature-based Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows