Head of the group

Prof. Dr. Andreas S. Schulz
Mail: Andreas S. Schulz
Tel: +


Anne Diehl
Mail: Anne Diehl
Tel: +


Dr. Daniel Vaz
Mail: Daniel Vaz
Tel: +

PhD students

M.Sc. Carolin Bauerhenne
Mail: Carolin Bauerhenne
Tel: +

M.Sc. Matthias Brugger
Mail: Matthias Brugger
Tel: +

M.Sc. Alexander Grosz
Mail: Alexander Grosz
Tel: +

Former group members

See also a list of visitors at our chair.

PREP Students

2022 Nevin George (Yale University)
2019 Brooke Elizabeth Miller (Georgia Tech)
2018 Georgy Noarov (Princeton)
2018 Josh Ackerman (Carnegie Mellon)
2017 Dhamma Kimpara (Georgia Tech)