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Home Care Routing and Scheduling in a Mandatary Setting

Approximation Algorithms and Polynomially Solvable Special Cases for Matching Augmentation

Scheduling under Slack to Minimize the Number of Machines




Stochastic Online Scheduling on Parallel Machines 2024
Algorithms and complexity for various robust appointment scheduling models 2023
On the Complexity of Crane Scheduling 2023
Approximation Algorithms for the Survivable Network Design Problem with Node Weights 2022
Optimizing Yard Operations in Steel Plate Storage Facilities 2022
Identification of Duplicate Companies in Large Databases 2022
Nash-Equilibria in Sparse Normal-Form Games: Experimental Results on the Running Time of Oblivious Algorithms 2022
A Strengthening of the Gomory-Chvátal Cutting-Plane Procedure for 0/1-Polytopes 2022
Clustering approaches for vehicle routing with time windows on real-world data 2021
Optimization of drone-assisted delivery services 2021
Local search algorithms for vehicle routing in the logistics industry 2021
A Weighted Matching Model for Georeferenced Microsimulations 2021
Iterative Combinatorial Auctions: Improved Running Time via Machine Learning 2021
Experimental Evaluation of Robust Revenue-Maximizing Auctions 2021
Concurrent Open Shop and Coflow Scheduling 2021
Online path planning in an automated transit network station 2021
Secretary Problem: Numerical and Learning Analyses for the Variants of the Problem 2021
Detecting Influence Structures in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning System 2021

Robust appointment scheduling and the ariplane refueling problem

A Study of the Hotelling Game with Capacity Constraints 2020
Equilibria Dynamics in Congestion Games 2020
Smoothed complexity on the local max-cut problem 2020
Truthful scheduling of unrelated machines 2020

Hospital Staff Scheduling


Optimizing Multiple Linear Regression through Integer Programming


Full Truckload Routing in the Logistics Industry 2020
New Methods for Transplantation Planning in Realistic Kidney Exchange Networks 2020
A Stochastic Routing Problem with Applications in Security Planning 2019
Implementation of Optimization Schemes for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows 2019
Pareto Optimal Matchings 2019
Approximation Algorithms for Location Routing with Depot Capacities 2019
Machine Learning for Multistage Stochastic Optimization Problems 2019
New Approximation Algorithms for Minsum Scheduling Problems 2019
The Complexity of Station Repacking 2019
Stochastic Optimization of Storage Capacity in the German Renewable Energy Network 2019
Oracle-Reducibility in the Context of Local Search 2018
Maintaining Perfect Matchings at Low Cost 2018
Shortest Path Problems with Cost-Sharing 2018
The Net Present Value Problem 2018
The Extension Complexity of Polyhedra in Combinatorial Optimization 2018
Parametric Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Their Complexity 2018
Benefits of Implementing a Kidney Exchange Program in Germany 2018
Variations of the Robust Network Flow Problem 2018
Inventory Optimization in a Medium-Sized Company 2018
Minimizing Overflow in Homeless Shelters via Online Scheduling Techniques 2018
Combinatorial Approaches to Prize-Collecting Graph Problems 2017
Scheduling with Position-Dependent Speed 2017
Supply Chain Inventory Management and the Effects of Lead-time Variability 2016
Multichannel Assortment Optimization 2016


Robust Appointment Scheduling 2023
An Empirical Study of Walrasian Equilibria in Combinatorical Markets with Small Demands 2022
Generalizations of Hall’s Marriage Theorem 2022
Deterministic Algorithms for Dynamic Connectivity 2021
Lower Bounds on the PoS in Undirected Broadcast Games with Fair Cost Sharing 2021
Maximum-weight partition into rectangles 2020
Voronoi diagrams and applications 2020
Modified Gomory-Chvátal cuts for polytopes in the unit cube 2020
Computation of the split polytope 2020
Delaunay triangulation and minimum spanning trees 2020
Combinatorial auctions and linear optimization 2020
Algorithms for the computation of convex hulls 2020
Verifying neural networks with discrete optimization 2020

A Comparison of Different Surgery Scheduling Models


Simplicity and Optimality in Auction Design 2018
Clustering Directed Graphs Using an Effective Resistance Preserving Transformation 2017
Online Scheduling Problems with Random Arrivals 2017
Robust Appointment Scheduling 2016


Classical and Modern Approaches for Solving the Steiner Tree Problem 2022
Computational Evaluation of Lemke's Algorithm for Thin Flows with Resetting 2021
Analyse und Implementierung der TripBundle-Optimierung 2020
Computational Evaluation of Lemke's Algorithm for Thin Flows with Resetting 2020
Implementation of Optimization Schemes for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows 2019
Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling Jobs with Precedence Constraints and Release Dates 2019