Department of Operations & Supply Chain Management

Management of production or service operations is one of the central tasks in any organization. The goal is to provide results of the expected quality at the right time and at low cost. New technological developments and increasingly dynamic processes lead to interesting challenges for operations and supply chain management. In order to be most successful in this context, the efficient use of technical and human resources within an organization as well as coordination along the supply chain are ever more important.

TUM’s Operations & Supply Chain Management Department is engaged in research and education related to the analysis, configuration and optimization of processes within and between business/non-profit entities. This involves the use of quantitative methods and software systems.

The department’s research has many connections with other disciplines. It maintains close cooperation with industrial partners, for instance from the automotive, health care or retail sector. This interdisciplinary and practical focus assures that research addresses the most relevant real-world challenges. The department’s teaching activities offer students the necessary theoretical foundations and also include more advanced courses focused for instance on the mentioned application areas. Research results are published in renowned international peer-reviewed journals.

We are participating in the new Research Training Group AdONE.