Hauptseminar: Perlen der diskreten Optimierung

Basic Information

Course instructors: Andreas S. Schulz, Alexander Grosz

Are you looking to deepen your knowledge of discrete structures and optimization? All while enjoying some beautiful mathematical ideas and algorithmic techniques?

Gems of Discrete Optimization uses a handpicked collection of recent papers focussing on problems and results in combinatorial optimzation and algorithmic graph theory.

The seminar is aimed at students who enjoyed Discrete Structures and Introduction to Optimization.

The seminar may be held online.


  • Session 1 (J, A, H, G), Monday 2024-01-22 9:00.
  • Session 2 (K, L), Tuesday 2024-01-23 14:00.
  • Session 3 (M), Tuesday 2024-01-23 16:30.


  • A: Shifting Segments to Optimality
  • B: Linear Structure of Graphs and the Knotting Graph
  • C: Finding Longest Geometric Tours
  • D: Generalized Hanan Grids for Geometric Steiner Trees in Uniform Orientation Metrics
  • E: Budgeted Matching via the Gasoline Puzzle
  • F: Motifs in Networks
  • G: Shortest Path to Mechanism Design
  • H: Selfish Routing and Proportional Resource Allocation
  • I: Resource Buying Games
  • J: Linear, Exponential, but Nothing Else
  • K: Convex Quadratic Programming in Scheduling
  • L: Robustness and Approximation for Universal Sequencing
  • M: Short Note on Long Waiting Lists


  • Gems of Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Algorithms (Eds. Schulz, Skutella, Stiller, Wagner) [link] (available via TUM eAccess)