Advanced Seminar OSCM: Operations Research Applications in Health Care


Prof. Dr. Andreas S. Schulz, Dr. Katie Fitch

Brief Description

From kidney exchange models to supply chain optimization of pharmaceuticals, there are many important applications of Operations Research (OR) in the health care sector. The use of OR in this field seeks to increase the welfare of patients and service providers, despite difficult challenges such as conflicting or multiple objectives, high uncertainty, dynamically changing environments, and the lack of resources. In this seminar, students will investigate applications of OR methods to the unique problems faced in health care.

Participants will be guided to identify the most interesting recent research papers detailing the use of OR in health care. They are expected to implement relevant models and prepare high-quality presentations and write-ups, reflecting their analyses, understanding and insights from reading the papers and related literature. 

A kick-off meeting will take place Tuesday, October 16th at 11:45am in Karlstr 45, room 6009.