Prof. Dr. Maximilian Schiffer

Head of Research Group 
Core-Member Munich Data Science Institute





Regine Hunstein

Finance, Controlling & Human Resources




Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Gerhard Hiermann

Post Doctoral Researcher
Sustainable City Logistics

PhD Students

Paul Bischoff

PhD Student
Vehicle Routing & Scheduling


Antonio Coppola

PhD Student
Network Optimization

Shidi Deng

PhD Student
Optimization & Game Theory

Jiayue Fan

PhD Student
Combinatorial Optimization


Kai Jungel

PhD Student
Deep Learning for Networked Cities


Benedikt Lienkamp

PhD Student
Combinatorial Optimization

Christina Liepold

PhD Student
Auction Theory & Network Optimization


Jochen Madler

PhD Student
Optimization & Machine Learning


Georgina Nouli

PhD Student
Operations Research & Machine Learning

Marco Ratusny

PhD Student
Machine Learning & Customer Order Behavior


Maximiliane Rautenstrauß

PhD Student
Spatio-Temporal Forecasting


Breno Serrano de Araujo

PhD Student
Combinatorial Optimization under Uncertainty


Simon Thomä

PhD Student
Robust Optimization


Banu Ulusoy-Dereli

PhD Student
Urban Logistics & Transportation



Dr. Marianne Guillet

Stochastic EV Charging

now at TomTom

Patrick Klein

Intermodal and Omni-channel Transportation

now at Ocado Technology

Ramin Barzanji

Constraint and Integer Programming

Tobias Enders

Machine Learning & Smart Grids

now at McKinsey & Company

Julius Luy

Dynamic & Stochastic Vehicle Routing

now at McKinsey & Company