In this section, you find information about our courses. Furthermore, you find details on how to apply for Project Studies, Bachelor Theses, Master Theses and currently offered topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the password for the course slides?
     The passwords for all course slides and files have been shared in lecture. 
  • Do you plan to go abroad? Does a course abroad qualifies for recognition by TUM?
     Please fill out a Learning Agreement - see sample ››› here. 
     Contact your TUM course instructor before you go abroad!
     TUM formular sheets see ››› here.
  • How to recognize credits as part of a foreign exchange program?
     After your stay abroad, submit a transcript of records that details the credits earned 
     at the guest university and clarify which credits qualify for recognition.
     Please see ››› here.
     Contact the instructor of the corresponding TUM course with the following ››› sheet.
     TUM formular sheets see ››› here (more details here).
  • Asking for a recommendation letter?
     Please see for prerequisites and procedure ››› here.
  • How to submit your thesis? 
     Please bind your thesis using adhesive binding (pls refrain from spiral binding!).
     Print your name and title at the binding spine.
     Store relevant data according to the guidelines given by your supervisor.
  • Where to submit your Bachelor or Master thesis?
     At the "Studiensekretariat" - not at our chair!