Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Bachelor/Master Program)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Minner & Alexander Bloemer
Tuesdays 15:00-16:30 (0980), for tutorials see Moodle


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  • Course material (slides and exercises) will be available for download on the moodle platform of the course. There is no script.
  • Recordings of the course will be made available online after each lecture.

Course description: The course covers the following topics ...

The course is held in English. / Kurs wird in englischer Sprache gehalten.

The course is part of the module "Production and Logistics". Note that the exam covers the whole module, including the course "Production Management".

Course content:

  • Introduction

  • Transport logistics
    • Travelling salesman problem
    • Vehicle routing problem
    • Packing logistics

  • Inventory management
    • Newsvendor and safety stocks
    • Inventory control rules & simulation (Excel)

  • Supply Chain Management
    • Bullwhip effect
    • Contracts and information

  • Procurement
    • Sourcing and data envelopment analysis

  • Distribution
    • Retail logistics, cross docking, service provider networks
    • Locations: Warehouse location and Set covering
    • Capacity planning

  • Warehousing

Learning objectives

This is an introductory course providing an overview in the topic of logistics and supply chain management. The students shall get a first glimpse into existing logistical problems and learn about first (quantitative) methods for solving those problems.


The course consists of a sequence of lectures, exercises/tutorial classes and case studies


  • Details in the first course


  • Ghiani, G., Laporte, G., Musmanno R. (2013), Introduction to Logistics Systems Management, Wiley

  • Chopra, S., Meindl, P. (2016), Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operations, 6th ed., Pearson