Chair of Operations Management

Prof. Dr. Rainer Kolisch and his team welcome you to our website of the chair of Operations Management at the Technical University of Munich.


Paper on „Exact Branch-Price-and-Cut for a Hospital Therapist Scheduling Problem with Flexible Service Locations and Time-Dependent Location Capacity“ published in INFORMS Journal on Computing

Alexander Jungwirth, former PhD-student at the chair of Operations Management, jointly with Rainer Kolisch (TUM), Guy Desaulniers (Polytechnique Montreal), and Markus Frey, published a paper on an optimal approach for solving the vehicle routing problem with multiple service locations. The specific application is therapy scheduling in hospitals where patients can be treated either in a central therapy center or in ward rooms. The method uses Brach-Price-and-Cut for solving the problem efficiently. The paper has been published in INFORMS Journal on Computing