Guest presentation on Scientific Computing at BASF by Dr. Steffen Klosterhalfen in the lecture Inventory Management

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Dr. Steffen Klosterhalfen of BASF gave a presentation on Scientific Computing at BASF in the lecture Inventory Management. Already in the introduction where he presented some key figures and typical products of the BASF company, he showed the focus on Inventory and Supply Chain Management emphasizing the importance and advantages of so called “Verbund" Construction-Sites.  After explaining the different areas of the scientific computing department he gave an insight on two interesting case studies in the field of rail car fleet optimization and inventory control in continuous production. By showing how adaptations or extensions of well known literature models can solve real world problem the connections between theory and practice was given throughout the whole presentation. Interested in more details? Contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Minner or Dipl.-Inf. Rene Gassen