City Crowd Logistics

City Crowd Logistics (CCL) is an innovative idea for the resource-efficient provision of transport services for the last mile in the urban environment. Numerous individuals (eg commuters) and small and medium-sized companies, as well as large companies work together across companies to use urban transport using different modes of transport (suburban train, tram, bus, truck, car, (electric) scooter, (electric) bicycle and footpath) cooperatively. With the co-use of the existing commuter flows in public transport, transports of small consignments on partial routes can even be CO2-neutral. Crowd logistics, in contrast to many traditional approaches to solving the last mile problem, is essentially a decentralized and self-organizing approach. For the successful implementation, however, a coordination of the decentralized agents is necessary. Collaborative platforms (marketplaces) provide information logistics with a hub-spoke structure and thus indirect networking of the agents involved in the distribution of goods.

For further information, please see the project's homepage (in German).