Santiago Nieto-Isaza, M.Sc. Industrial. Eng.




Research interests

  • Optimization in Supply Chain Management
  • City Logistics
  • Vehicle Routing Problems

Academic Career and Positions held to date

  • 2017-2021: Research assistant at the Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Prof. Dr. Minner); TU Munich
  • 2014-2017: Research and teaching assistant at the Department of Industrial Engineering; Universidad del Norte, Colombia.
  • 2010-2014: Reasearch and teaching assistant at the Department of Industrial Engineering; Universidad del la Costa, Colombia.


Papers in Journals:

  • Herazo-Padilla, N., Montoya-Torres, J. R., Isaza, S. N., & Alvarado-Valencia, J. (2015). Simulation-optimization approach for the stochastic location-routing problem. Journal of Simulation, 9(4), 296-311.
  • Montoya-Torres, J. R., Franco, J. L., Isaza, S. N., Jiménez, H. F., & Herazo-Padilla, N. (2015). A literature review on the vehicle routing problem with multiple depots. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 79, 115-129.
  • Ortíz, M. A., Felizzola, H. A., & Isaza, S. N. (2015). A contrast between DEMATEL-ANP and ANP methods for six sigma project selection: a case study in healthcare industry. BMC medical informatics and decision making, 15(3), S3.
  • Barrios, M. O., Jiménez, H. F., & Isaza, S. N. (2014, December). Comparative analysis between ANP and ANP-DEMATEL for six sigma project selection process in a healthcare provider. In International Workshop on Ambient Assisted Living (pp. 413-416). Springer, Cham.

Academic Education

  • 2013: Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (M.Sc.) at Universidad del Norte, Colombia.
  • 2008: B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering at Universidad del Norte, Colombia.


  • 2020: 1st place INFORMS fORged-by-Machines Constest.
  • 2016: 1st place in urban mobility challenge, First Innovation Meeting of the Caribbean.
  • 2008: First year grant for Master in Industrial Engineering, funded by the Colombian Department of Science and Technology COLCIENCIAS.
  • 2003-2007: Uninorte student grants, funded by Universidad del Norte, Colombia.

  • Master's theses:
    • 2020
      • Towards Mitigation of the Bullwhip Effect in a Semiconductor Supply Chain with Vendor Managed Inventory Setting via Deep Reinforcement Learning for Optimal Replenishment Policy
    • 2019:
      • Routing and Containerization in the Physical Internet
  • Bachelor's theses:
    • 2020:
      • Development of a Multi-Agent- Simulation for Coordination in Industry 4.0
      • Digital time slot management sys-tems: Theory and applications
      • Freight Consolidation: An Agent-Based Simulation Analysis in Digital Logistics
    • 2019:
      • Dynamic Pricing Models in Crowd-sourced Last-mile Distribution
      • Innovative Bussiness Models in Crowdsourced Logistics
    • 2018:
      • Last Mile Delivery Innovations: A Cross-Country Comparisson
      • Rating Models for Crowd Providers in Crowd-Sourced Deliveries

  • 2019 GOR Operations Research, Dresden, Germany: "Strategic Location of Mini-Depots on Last-Mile Delivery Network with Crowdshipping"
  • 2019 Logistics Management, Halle, Germany: "Strategic Network Design for Last-Mile Delivery with Crowd Resources"