Our chair currently offers several theses in cooperation with companies (LoadFox, Hartmann, JLL, Aldi Süd, Barkawi, Allod, drink now). For more information see here.

Research Training Group Advanced Optimization in a Networked Economy

The paper Order variability in perishable product supply chains by Stefan Minner and Sandra Transchel was accepted for publication in European Journal of Operational Research.

The paper Supplier selection under failure risk, quantity and business volume discounts by Christian Bohner and Stefan Minner was accepted for publication in Computers and Industrial Engineering.

The Society for Operations Research (GOR) awards every year excellent bachelors graduates for special study performances in Operations Research. This year, Tobias Wenzl was awarded for his excellent Bachelor thesis. Under the supervision of Dr. Pirmin Fontaine, Mr. Wenzel wrote on the topic “The…

Young scientists are awarded every year with BVL’s Thesis Award for outstanding theses in the field of logistics and supply chain management. In 2016, Alexander Lassak was honored for his Master’s thesis about “Stochastic Mixed-Model Balancing and Sequencing – Hybrid Solution Approaches” at the…