Presentations at the EURO 2022 Conference

This week we presented some of our latest research at the 32nd European Conference on Operational Research organized by Aalto University, Finland.

  • Rautenstrauß, M. & Schiffer, M.: Emergency Call Prediction via Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Layla Martin, L., Minner, S., Pavone, M., Schiffer, M.: It’s All in the Mix: Technology Choice between Driverless and Human-Driven Vehicles in Sharing Systems
  • Barzanji, R., Hiermann, G., Fontaine, P., Schiffer, M.: Day-Ahead Planning in Heterogeneous Two-Tier City Logistics: An Iterative Filtering Algorithm
  • Liepold, C. & Schiffer, M.: Incentivizing Truthfulness in Production-as-a-Service Auctions with Budget Constraints
  • Hiermann, G. & Schiffer, M.: A decomposition-based hybrid metaheuristic for large scale pickup and delivery problems with time windows
  • Coppola, A., Hiermann, G., Paccagnan, D. & Schiffer, M.: Staggered Routing in Autonomous Mobility on Demand Systems
  • Serrano, B., Minner, S., Schiffer, M. & Vidal, T.: A Bilevel Optimization Approach for Feature Selection in the Data-Driven Newsvendor