Presentations at the Operations Research Conference

This week we presented some of our latest research at the International Conference on Operational Research organized by the University of Bern, Switzerland.

  • Klein, P. & Schiffer, M.: A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the Electric Freight Vehicle Scheduling Problem
  • Becker, T., Schiffer, M. & Walther, G.: A New Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Rotating Workforce Scheduling Problem
  • Ratusny, M., Schiffer, M. & Singh, S.: Customer Order Behavior Visualization and Interpretation
  • Ammann, P., Kolisch, R. & Schiffer, M.: Driver Routing and Scheduling in Long-Distance Bus Networks
  • Luy, J. & Schiffer, M.: On the Design of Crowdsourced Delivery Fleets: Strategic Decisions and Operational Implications
  • Liepold, C., Arslan, O., Laporte, G. & Schiffer, M.: Production as a Service: On the Impact of Partial Production Capacity Sharing