The design of production networks, including decisions on where to source, produce and how to distribute, includes strategic decisions which are fundamental to the success of any organization. Also more short term supply network decisions such as the assignment of production volumes to production sites or of inventories to warehouses have a large impact on the profitability of an enterprise. We study and investigate how these key challenges can be met with the aim of providing methodologies which support managers in their decision making. For these purposes we teach and develop quantitative models which are based on standard tools such as advanced planning systems (e.g. SAP APO) and on optimization and simulation techniques.

These methods are also used to design production systems (including the determination of capacities and of the layout) and to plan and schedule short-term operations. Here, we build upon a detailed understanding of the production environments which are very distinct in different industries. Hence, our research and education regularly bridges to the engineering and natural sciences making use of TUM’s academic profile.

For this purpose, our research is also carried out in close collaboration with partners from industry in different technological domains (e.g., food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, electronics), which results in an exciting educational programme with a large positive impact on the employability of our students.