Dr. Klaus R. N. Hansen

Former PhD student

Research interests

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Advanced Planning
  • Financial Engineering and Risk Management
  • Forecasting and inventories


09/2003 - 02/2009 

        M.Sc. Management Engineering.
        Technical University of Denmark.


Conference contributions

Hansen, K. R. N., Grunow, M. (2015). Planning operations before market launch for balancing time-to-market and risks in pharmaceutical supply chains. International Journal of Production Economics 161, 129-139.

Hansen, K. R. N., Grunow, M. (2015). Modelling ramp-up curves to reflect learning: improving capacity planning in secondary pharmaceutical production. International Journal of Production Research, in press.

Hansen, K. R. N. (2014). New Product Introduction in the Pharmaceutical Industry. PhD thesis. Technical University of Denmark.

Ragnarsdóttir, B., Ingadóttir, H., Akkerman, R., Hansen, K.R.N., Furtak, S., Schwarck, G. (2012), Combined evaluation of forecasting methods and inventory models for intermittent demand: a case study, Pre-prints of the Seventeenth International Working Seminar on Production Economics, Innsbruck.

Hansen, K.R.N., Grunow, M., Rafiqul, G. (2011), Robust Market Launch Planning for a Multi-Echelon Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, ESCAPE conference, Chalkidiki.

Hansen, K.R.N., Grunow, M. (2011), Supply Network Planning for New Produkt Market Entry in the Pharmaceutical Industry, International Conference on Operations Research, Zürich

Hansen, K.R.N., Grunow, M. (2010), „Challenges in Shortening New Product Introduction in the Pharmaceutical Industry“, International Annual EurOMA Conference, Porto

Hansen, K.R.N., Grunow, M. (2009), „Locating spare part warehouses using the concept of gradual coverage – A case study“, Logistics Management, Hamburg


Swangkotchakorn, C., Hansen, K.R.N., Grunwaldt, J-D., Woodley, J., Gani, R. (2009): „Optimization of long-term planning, supply chain and processing routes for tailor-made bio-chemicals“