Dr. Phillip Kriett

Former PhD student

Research Interests

  • Mathematical modeling and optimization
  • Simulation
  • Production planning, scheduling, and control
  • Applications in semiconductor industry


10/2004 - 10/2010

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Germany.

02/2009 - 09/2010

Master 2 Recherche Informatique, ENSIMAG.
Institut polytechnique de Grenoble, France. 

02/2009 - 07/2010 

Diplôme d'Ingenenieur, ENSGI.
Institut polytechnique de Grenoble, France.

09/2007 - 03/2009

M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering.
Oregon State University, USA.


Journal publications

Kriett, P.O. and M. Salani, Optimal control of a residential microgrid, Energy, Volume 42, Issue 1, June 2012, Pages 321-330. http://goo.gl/6cPDrO

Kriett, P. O., W. N. Mbugua, D. S. Kim, and J. D. Porter (2010), "Equipment Replacement at Departments of Transportation: Prioritization Measures, Software Tools, and Supplementary Data", Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2150, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, D.C., 2010. pp. 10-17. http://goo.gl/JeoUux

Technical report

Kim, D. S., Porter, J. D., Kriett, P. O., Mbugua, W. N., Wagner T. Fleet (2009), "Replacement Modeling". National Technical Information Service. http://goo.gl/uaFRHz

Conference contributions

Kriett, P.O. and M. Grunow, Generation of low-dimensional capacity constraints for unrelated parallel machines, 2015 INFORMS Annual Meeting, Nov. 1.-4., Philadelphia, USA, 2015. (Session Chair) http://goo.gl/6tx5sK

Kriett, P.O. and M. Grunow, "Enhancing standard mid-term planning in semiconductor manufacturing", 25th European Conference on Operational Research, July 8-11, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012. https://goo.gl/bYIDmr

Kriett, P.O. and M. Salani, "The unit commitment and economic dispatch problem in a residential microgrid", joint work with Matteo Salani, Eighth Joint Operations Research Days, September 09-10, Fribourg, Switzerland, 2010. http://goo.gl/D5oOta

Data sets

This data set includes the parameter times series that were generated and used as a basis of our study "Optimal control of a residential microgrid" (http://goo.gl/6cPDrO). 


Finished Student Projects

  • Optimal and heuristic determination of commonality in component design for variance reduction (B.Sc., Yannik Büche, 2016)
  • Optimierung der Personalallokation in einem Beratungsunternehmen (Project Study, Florian Burger and Florian Kuchler, 2016)
  • Determining optimal lot-sizes for a semiconductor device assembly facility at Infineon Technologies (M.Sc., Michael Wiedemann, 2015)
  • Supporting rapid order quotation in the silicon wafer industry with data mining methods (IDP, Gennady Shabanov, 2014)
  • Concept development on how batch sizes should be calculated and finally considered in the Infineon planning system (Project Study, Michael Wiedemann, 2014)
  • Coordination in Hierarchical Production Planning and Control (M.Sc., Sebastian Eirich, 2014)
  • Rule-based versus optimization-based tactical production planning in semiconductor manufacturing (Seminar, Patrick Zech, 2014)
  • Sensitivitätsanalyse der Maschinenauslastung und ein Verfahren zur Sensitivitätsverringerung am Beispiel einer BMW-Leichtmetallgießerei (B.Sc., Peter Müller, 2014)
  • Identification of the optimal range of mono-crystalline ingot products using combinatorial optimization (Internship, David Thun, 2013)
  • Cloud-Based Master Production Scheduling in the Semiconductor Industry (IDP, Iliya Valchev, 2013)
  • Accelerating Lots in wafer Fabs by using the Operational Due Date-Dispatch Rule (B.Sc., Constantin Köckhuber, 2013)
  • On-time Delivery Performance in Enterprise-wide Production Planning in the Semiconductor Industry (B.Sc., Patrick Zech, 2013)
  • Stable enterprise-wide production planning in the semiconductor industry (B.Sc., Alexander Just, 2013)
  • Combined Product and Process Customization for Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication (M.Sc., Robert Hoof, 2013)
  • Improving the technical quotation process in wafer industry at the case of Siltronic (B.Sc., Michael Stapf, 2013)
  • Capacity Modeling in Semiconductor Manufacturing (B.Sc., Maximilian Grill, 2012)
  • Production Integration Trumpf TruLaser 1030 Fiber (P.S., Tobias Renz and Julia Stadler, 2012)
  • Medium Term Production Planning Under Load Dependent Cycle Times (B.Sc., Fabian Steiner, 2012, awarded with the annual "GOR-Bachelorpreis 2012")
  • Demand Forecasts, Orders, and Medium Term Planning: A Simulation Approach and Analyses (B.Sc., Laura Korfmann, 2012)
  • The Optimal Operating Point in Semiconductor Manufacturing (B.Sc., Stefan Gaubatz, 2012)
  • Lean Management in der Windindustrie (DA., Gerd Denninger, 2012)
  • Capacity Modeling at Infineon Technologies AG (Internship, Valentin Göbel, 2012)
  • Erarbeitung eines Planungskonzeptes für die Auswahl eines einstufigen Kommissionierlagersystems für Großteile am Beispiel der MAN Truck & Bus AG (DA., Christoph Grüll, 2012)
  • Projektanalyse- und Projektplanungsmethoden zur ressourcenoptimierten Kapazitätsauslegung von Montageprojekten (DA, Michael Krinner, 2011)
  • Entwicklung eines Best Practice-Konzeptes für die Montage von Spritzgießmaschinen (B.Sc., Sebastian Eirich, 2011)
  • Key Performance Indicators zur Bewertung der Produktion in der pharmazeutischen Industrie (B.Sc., Sabine Drexler, 2011)