Prof. Dr. Qin Xu-wei

Visiting professor from Northeastern University, P.R. China

Research interests

  • Modeling for the design and operation of robust and reliable supply chains
  • Integrated supply chain design and management
  • Inventory control
  • Design and analysis of optimization algorithms


12/2010 - 

   Associate professor
   Department of Management Science and Engineering,
   Northeastern University, P.R. China

01/2007 - 12/2009

   Postdoctoral researcher,
   Department of Systems Engineering, Northeastern University,
   P.R. China

03/2006 - 12/2010

   Assistant professor
   Department of Management Science and
Northeastern University, P.R. China


03/2002 - 03/2006

     Ph.D. degree
     Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of

09/1999 - 03/2002

     Master of Engineering
     Northeastern University,  P.R. China

09/1995 - 07/1999

     Bachelor of Engineering
     Northeastern University,  P.R. China


Journal publications

QIN Xu-wei, X. Liu, Lixin Tang. A two-stage stochastic mixed-integer program for the capacitated logistics fortification planning under accidental Disruptions. under review in Computer & Industrial Engineering.

QIN Xu-wei, X. Liu, Lixin Tang. Integrated design of crossdocking distribution network: model and algorithm. under review in Computer & Industrial Engineering. 

QIN Xu-wei, FAN Yu-shun, YIN Chao-wan. Research on hybrid particle swarm optimization for automobile logistics network design problem, Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice, 2006, Vol.: 26(7), p: 47-53. (In Chinese)

QIN Xu-wei, FAN Yu-shun, YIN Chao-wan. Location-inventory distribution system integrated design model and algorithm under stochastic demand. Control Theory & Applications, 2006, Vol.: 23(6), p: 853-860.

QIN Xu-wei, FAN Yu-shun, YIN Chao-wan. Research on network design problem in integrated automobile logistics systems. Control and Decision, 2006, Vol.: 21(2), p: 129-134.  (In Chinese)

QIN Xu-wei, FAN Yu-shun, YIN Chao-wan. Integrated optimization model for automobile logistics network design and its solution algorithm. 2006, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, 2006, Vol.: 12(3), p: 364-370.  (In Chinese)

QIN Xu-wei, LUO Huan-zuo. Planning and scheduling technology research and development analysis for process industries. Computer Engineering & Applications, 2004, Vol.: 40(19), p: 1-9. (In Chinese)

QIN Xu-wei, TANG Li-xin. Reliable logistics system design research under disruptions: review,   Control and Decision, 2010, Vol.: 25(2), p: 29-34. (In Chinese)

QIN Xu-wei, Yu Haifei. Fortification Planning Stochastic Model and its Algorithm for Capacitated Logistics Systems. Journal of Northeastern University( Natural Science), 2012 (6) : (In press)

SHAO Lu-sheng, QIN Xu-wei. Research on emergency plan for supply chain under supply node’s failure. Chinese Journal of Management, 2012: (In press)

WANG C, XU L, X LIU, QIN X. ERP Research, development and implementation in China: an overview. International Journal of Production Research, 2005, Vol.: 43(18), p: 3915-3932.

Conference proceedings

QIN Xu-wei, LIU Xiao.(2008). The integrated distribution network design problem with transportation economies-of-scale: model and algorithm. 2008 IEEE/INFORMS International Conference on Service Operations and Logistics, and Informatics. Vol.: 1, p: 278-282.

QIN Xu-wei, QIN Fei.(2008). Hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm for the logistics network design problem under concave cost function. 2008 IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering. Vol.: 1, p: 238-242.

QIN Xu-wei, ZHU Yunlong, LI Sufen. (2004). Heuristic allocation policies of backorders in divergent multi-echelon inventory control. International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management. Vol.: 1, p: 178-180. 

QIN Xu-wei, YIN Chaowan. (2004). Design model for supply chain configuration combined with the product development processes. The Third Wuhan International Conference on E-Business: Global Business Interface. Vol.:1, p: 510-515.